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Museum of Rural Life

  • Museum of Rural Life
Location: 16 N. 2nd St, Denton, MD
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The headquarters of the Society is located within the Museum of Rural Life, on the Courthouse Square in historic downtown Denton.

Caroline County is one of only a handful of counties in the United States that existed for more than 300 years solely dependent on an agriculturally-based economy. This distinction along with its geography – it is land-locked – provided unique challenges for its seemingly isolated residents.The Museum of Rural Life offers visitors a rare glimpse into this world through historic dwellings. Highlights include an exhibit of all or a portion of four historic houses:• Painter’s Range, an entire log cabin home of a tenant or subsistence farmer, circa 1824
• Chance’s Desire, home of a “middling planter,” circa 1787
• Skillington’s Right, home of the Fraziers, a wealthy planter family, circa 1795
• Taylor-Brown House, built for merchant-broker Solomon Brown in 1819 and later owned by the Taylors, an African American family. This house was moved twice by mule cart and survived the fire that leveled most of Denton on July 4, 1865, when balls of candlewick and kerosene were flung in celebration at a Civil War reconciliation picnic.

The Questers on the Eastern Shore

The Questers on the Eastern Shore in the Lady Caroline Chapter #1160 have, over the past few years, been actively researching and enabling the renovation and decorating of the front parlor of the Samuel Brown House c. 1818, which is located in the Museum of Rural Life, at 16 North Second Street in Denton, Maryland. The front door of the house serves as the main entrance to the Museum and is named after the first owner Samuel Brown, a successful grain merchant from Denton. The house is also known as the Annie Taylor house after the last owner, an African American lady.

The Caroline County Historical Society (CCHS) owns the Museum. The Questers, with advice of a former CCHS Board Member, have had the parlor which is located in the first room on the left of the entrance: wall papered; painted; and, installed drapes all suitable to the period.

The Chapter is now in the process of furnishing and decorating the room using the list of contents from Samuel Brown’s last Will as a guide. So far, a Federal Style sofa has been donated, repaired and the upholstery cleaned, a tea table purchased, and a picture of Napoleon has been reframed and installed. (Samuel Brown was a Francophile and great admirer of Napoleon!) Recently, a carpet has been purchased in memory of one of our longtime members, Ruth Murphy, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Attached are two pictures showing the carpet, tea table, sofa and drapes.

The Lady Caroline Questers have further plans to add more window furnishings or alternative measures to help protect the pictures and furnishing from the sunlight. In addition, we will include household objects and furnishings such as a mirror, objects d’art etc. to help visitors to the Museum understand and appreciate how some people in Denton lived in the early years after the revolution.