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A Home for Our History

A Home for Our History

Coming in Spring 2015

A New Campaign Initiative for the Caroline County Historical Society (CCHS), creating “A Home for Our History.”

Opportunity has knocked, literally, on the back door of the Museum of Rural Life, the central location of the CCHS, but according to anon:

Even when opportunity knocks a man still has to get up off his seat and open the door!

The offices of Town of Denton have moved from the old Denton Firehouse facing Third Street into the former PNC building on the Town Green. The Firehouse building has been ceded to the CCHS. Now the Society, through the back of the Museum of Rural Life, really does have a door leading into the old firehouse and a world of opportunities! This building provides the Society with a wonderful chance to create a centrally located “Home for our History,” and help ensure a safe future for the Society.

The greatest challenges the Society faces are to be able to make the CCHS an economically viable organization, as well as continuing the work already started by its members. In order to achieve these goals we plan to:

  • Renovate and restore the old Denton Firehouse to provide: an administration area; research center; storage for artifacts owned by the Society, and, add further areas for displays and information on the history of the County and its people.
  • Continue to educate people about the diverse and rich history of all of Caroline County with programs such as Student Discovery Days, Society Events
  • Ensure future funding for the administration and maintenance of all the properties belonging to the Society
  • Foster future interest in learning about, and caring for, the artifacts we own
  • Encourage original research
  • Create a sustainable place in our Museum of Rural Life where present and future generations will be able to come and enjoy activities, exhibits, and, in addition, provide a guide to places of historic interest in the County.


Our final goal is: $3,000,000.00 ($3M), to be raised over a period of 5 years.

This goal is ambitious, but it is possible with time, tenacity and everyone getting out of their seats to answer the knock on the door of opportunity, that we will fulfill the challenge we have set for ourselves!

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